introducing grit blueprint

Grit Blueprint was founded by Stefanie Couch, A trailblazer and thought leader in the building industry. With a lifetime immersed in building materials and construction, Stefanie has become a formidable force in shaping the future of the sector. While working her past roles, she noticed a need for a digital marketing agency that deeply understood the construction industry, leading to Grit Blueprint.

Our Vision

To bring world class marketing for the new generation of builders.

Our Mission

To help people in all areas of the building industry get access to world class marketing specific to building the industry.

Our Process

We are client centered and have vast knowledge of the building industry. We lead with research and build what your company needs.

Our Team

We have a team of marketers who pride themselves on excellent customer service and knowledge of the building industry.

Trusted By

Some of the best of the building industry and beyond.

"Working with Stefanie has been a wonderful experience. Her energy is inspiring! She's relatable, engaging, knowledgeable, and her passion radiates. Every conversation leaves me empowered and motivated. She is the full package, breaking through ceilings and innovating in the building materials industry. I look forward to being part of her mission!"

Cassie Fosher, President, SnapDragon Associates

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