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Client Testimonials

Stefanie is a powerhouse. I was immediately drawn to her because of her knowledge of branding and marketing. She gave me immediate actionable feedback and gave me personalized insights into my strengths. What I liked the most about working with her was she thought about me, my unique skills and experiences, and how she could help me while we weren’t on a call. I felt like her gears were always working to benefit me, and she cared enough to go the extra mile
-Melissa Glick, CEO and Coach
I love how direct, clear, and insightful Stefanie is. I felt like she got me and my business right away which helped her to support me more efficiently. Her work with Strengths was very impactful because it helped me to focus on where to put my attention and where I need support. That was a game changer for me in my marketing efforts.
-Po-Hung Yu, Coach
Stefanie has been amazing in helping me discover how to market better my personal brand, zero in on who exactly is my ideal client and how to communicate on social media more effectively. She will help you grow your presence online and profitability. I highly recommend her services!
-Lisa Baue, CEO and Coach

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